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Vent Cleaner

cleaned vent after cleaning services

Having dirty vents in your home or business can be detrimental to your property in a number of ways.  Aside from creating an environment that has increased circulation of dirt and debris, air needs to pass through these vents, leading to a situation that can create and aggravate health problems.  With our years of experience as professional vent cleaners, Air Duct Cleaning Irving TX has the knowledge it takes to ensure the health of your vent systems.  From addressing visible problems to performing regular maintenance, our team is here with the knowledge and tools to clean and ensure the health of your property.

When to Get Your Vents Checked
There are number of times that we advise residential and commercial properties to have their vents checked.  These checks can be related to times that you’re experiencing problems as well as in order to ensure the general upkeep of the system.  When you’re moving into a new property, having your vents inspected and cleaned can help create a healthier environment.  In many instances the previous tenants may not have kept up with regular maintenance, or recent construction may create a need for a cleaning to remove construction debris.  For properties experiencing issues with mold, mice or sudden unexplained respiratory problems, vent cleaning can help alleviate the effects of these environmental intruders.

Vent Problems
Unclean vents can cause a number of problems within your property which is why we recommend having them serviced by our professional cleaners.  Vents are an important part of your air circulation, whether you use a HVAC system or use them for your home dryer.  Dirty vents can circulate contaminants like dust, pollen and dander throughout the premises, affecting the air quality and leaving unappealing dust on surfaces.  In extreme cases, buildups can even lead to fires when hot air is unable to be expelled properly.  By working with our expert vent cleaners, we not only help prevent damages, but can help improve your health in the long run.

Vent Cleanings
By using our professional team for your vent cleanings, our years of experience guarantee that you’ll have a smooth process from start to finish.  Our experts know exactly how to handle your systems, using our expertise to prevent damages to your home and ventilation systems, that may occur with amateur handymen.  We remove vents to ensure that they’re thoroughly detailed, using professional equipment and brushes the loosen and remove all traces of dirt and other buildups.  During the cleaning we check for potential system problems, offering advice on repairs or maintenance that can help extend the longevity of the vents and related equipment.

Our Team
As local vent cleaners in Irving, TX, our goal is to provide our region with high quality, reliable services.  Our team is trained to handle your systems, and upholds our high standards of professionalism on every job.  We use professional grade materials and equipment that ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned during a visit.  As a company that specializes in both duct and vent cleanings, we work with all types of systems from heating and cooling, to dryers and other vents.  Whether you need work on residential or commercial properties we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right from the start.