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Dyer Vent Cleaning

cleaned dryer vent after cleaning

Whether your dryer isn’t working properly, or you simply want to have your dryer vents cleaned, Air Duct Cleaning Irving TX is here to get the job done.  There are a number of reasons you may want to have your vents inspected, whether you’re noticing problems or something just seems off.  With our professional cleanings, we make sure that your dryer vents are functioning as they should, allowing your dryer to perform more efficiently.  By keeping up with a maintenance schedule and taking care of your dryer vents, you can help extend their lifetime and save yourself money in ineffectively performing equipment.

Dryer Vent Problems
When dryer vents aren’t working as they should there are a number of side effects that can result from these dirty or clogged vents.  Obstructed dryer vents are a contributor to the possibility of a house fire, which can be caused by obstructed vents preventing ducts from properly releasing the heat generated during a dryer cycle.  Not only does this trap heat within your home, making the surrounding areas warmer and more humid, but can also lead to your dryer running less efficiently.  During our cleanings we seek to remedy these problems, cleaning out potentially dangerous lint buildups in order to keep your house safer and cleaner.

With regular maintenance, not only will your dryer vents and ducts last longer, but your dryer itself can have an increased lifespan.  Our maintenance work serves to help you save money in the long run by avoiding a need for costly repairs and replacements.  As a homeowner you can make sure that the interior lint screen is regularly cleaned, and that you schedule your dryer vent cleanings with our professionals as they’re needed.  During our service, we remove buildups that obstruct the release of heat from your dryer system, including removing the vents in order to give them a thorough cleaning.

Our Cleanings
As duct and vent cleaning specialists, we’re here to offer the support you need to keep your dryer vents clean.  We pride ourselves on our thorough work, making sure that every component of your dryer vent is inspected in detail.  Our process involves the removal of dryer lint that has made it through your lint screen, dislodging buildups in hard to reach areas and crevices that are prone to attracting dirt.  We inspect the associated ducts to check for potential damages that can affect the vents.  Our process is finished with our professional grade equipment, including brushes and vacuums that ensure the full removal of unwanted debris in your dryer vents.

Dryer Performance
Though clogged dryer vents can be associated with several issues, including potential fires in extreme cases, our dryer vent cleanings are most often used to improve the performance of the dryer itself.  When dryers aren’t working as they should, our dryer vent cleaning helps clear up blockages, allowing the dryer to run more efficiently without having to work harder to push out excess heat.  This results in faster drying times, and reduces the excess humidity that’s often a symptom of vents that need to be cleaned.  By performing these cleanings, you can also help extend the life span of both your dryer and the associated ventilation work.